What did the Red Power movement accomplish?

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The Red Power movement was able to accomplish at least two major kinds of things.

First, it helped to completely turn around government policy with respect to Native Americans.  Before the Red Power movement, the government was trying to "terminate" the Indian tribes.  After, government policy has given tribes much more autonomy than they once had.

Second, the Red Power movement helped to start a greater amount of pride and solidarity among Native Americans.  The Red Power movement helped move more Indians back to being proud of and trying to learn their ancient culture.  It helped to push for the creation of more classes and programs about Native Americans and Native American issues in colleges and universities.

By doing things like this, the Red Power movement helped to improve the status of Native Americans, even though there is a very long way to go before Native Americans will be truly equal (in terms of health, education, etc) to other Americans.

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made governenment respect native americans and greter pride and solidetary around them

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