Lord of the Flies Questions and Answers
by William Golding

Lord of the Flies book cover
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What did Ralph and Jack find on the beach?

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In chapter one of the novel, Ralph and Piggy find a conch seashell in the lagoon. The conch is described as being a beautiful, massive shell with a deep cream color and spiral twists on the outside. It is approximately eighteen inches long and is covered with a delicate embossed pattern. After they find the conch shell, Ralph pours out the sand and water inside and blows into it to call the other boys on the island. The other boys hear the loud noise coming from the conch shell and assemble on the platform. The boys then elect Ralph as their leader, because he is holding the beautiful conch shell and they are fascinated by it. As the novel progresses, the conch shell symbolically represents civilization, order, and democracy. During assemblies, the boy holding the conch shell can freely address the group without being interrupted.

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