What did Prometheus use to carry the fire back to mankind?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to the vast accounts of mythology Prometheus was responsible for the creation of man.  Athena helped Prometheus educate mankind in all areas of art, math, medicine and any area of education that was needed for growth and survival.  Zeus got really jealous because mankind was growing so knowledgeable and strong.  The last straw was when Prometheus taught man to trick the gods by wrapping the bones of their sacrifice in fat and offering it to the gods.  The gods chose the fat and when received found out they had gotten bones and left the meat for men.  Zeus was really ticked off and told Prometheus that, because of the deception, men could eat the meat raw. 

Prometheus decided to steal some fire for man.  Pronetheus got a torch and got some fire from the sun, then he hid the fire in a peice of charcoal and then hid that in a hollowed out stalk.  He took the fire to man and then Zeus really got even with Prometheus and man by giving mankind Pandora, but that is another story.

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