What did President Truman do during the Cold War to stop the spread of communism?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

President Truman took actions to try to stop the spread of communism. As communism spread through Eastern Europe, we developed a policy called Containment. The goal of the Containment policy was to keep communism from spreading.

There were many actions that were part of this policy. The European Recovery Program offered aid to countries fighting the spread of communism. Greece and Turkey were two countries that benefited from this aid. When the Soviet Union established the Berlin Blockade, we used the Berlin Airlift to keep West Berlin from becoming communist. We flew supplies over the blockade until the Soviet Union lifted the blockade. We went to the United Nations to ask for help for South Korea, which was resisting the unprovoked invasion by North Korea. We led the United Nations forces in the fight against North Korea. We were successful in preventing the spread of communism in these instances.

President Truman took several actions to stop the spread of communism.