What did Ponyboy mean when he said, "the only reason Darry couldn't be a Soc was us"? (page 126)

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He says this because Darry (his older brother) has everything going for him except for his family situation.

If the Curtis boys' parents had not been killed in the car crash, Darry would probably have been able to go to college.  He was smart and he was athletic (would have had a scholarship to college).  Beside that, he also had short hair.

But instead, Darry has to be a roofer so he can support his brothers.  So if it hadn't been for them, Darry would have had a much easier life -- much more like one of the Socs.

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In the book "The Outsiders" Darry is the oldest of the three boys, Darry, Soda Pop, and Pony Boy.  Darry is muscular with good looks.  Darry was a football player who hung out with some of the social group in the school.  He was smart and could have done more with himself, possibly even gone off to college on a football scholarship.  The boy’s parents get killed in a car accident.  Darry has to quit school and get a job in order to keep the boys together.  When Pony Boy makes his statement he is explaining that Darry's life had changed because he had to take care of his brother's.

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