What did Peter think when his mom made Fudge lamb chops but didn't make him any in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing?Why did Peter's mom make him stand on his head during dinner?

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Peter thinks it is mean when their mother makes Fudge lamb chops because he isn’t eating and she thinks he’ll eat if she makes him his favorite foods.

When Fudge refuses to eat, the family goes to great lengths to accommodate him.  They even let him eat under the table like a dog.  Fudge’s grandmother tries to trick him into drinking milkshakes by telling him there is a surprise at the bottom.  He drinks the first one and then throws the glass in anger when there is no surprise.

Fudge’s mother even tells Peter to stand on his head to amuse his brother.  Peter learned to stand on his head in gym class, and is proud of it.  Doing it at mealtimes is another story though.

Finally my mother got the brilliant idea of me standing on my head while she fed Fudge. I wasn't very excited about standing on my head in the kitchen. The floor is awfully hard in there. But my mother begged me. She said, "It's very important for Fudge to eat. Please help us, Peter." (Ch. 3) 

It doesn’t work.  Their mother decides to take Fudge to the doctor, but the first one says he will eventually eat.  That was not what she wanted to hear.  Peter says he could have told her that for free.

I guess my mother didn't believe either one of us because she took Fudge to see three more doctors. None of them could find a thing wrong with my brother. One doctor even suggested that my mother cook Fudge his favorite foods. (Ch. 3)

Peter thinks this is mean. The rest of the family has to eat stew, and Fudge was served lamb chops!  He doesn’t eat those either, though.  He says he wants Corn Flakes.  Peter’s mother gives him the chops and gives Fudge cereal.  He doesn’t eat that either, and his father dumps it on his head.  After that, he eats.


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