What did Perry say that Quakers did and what did he compare this to in Who Comes with Cannons?Perry said this at recess while standing on a stump talking to kids. 

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Perry Gibson claims that the Quakers helped Mr. Fields's slave run away. He says that his Pa and his big brothers believe that "Quakers hide black slaves...folks own and ship them north." He compares this action to "horse or cow stealing."

A "prime slave" had gotten away from Mr. Fields's coffle. When his "owners" went looking for him, "he disappeared, just like that," according to Mr. Fields. Mr. Fields doesn't know exactly how his slave could have disappeared in that manner, but he suspects that "somebody from around (the area) probably hid him." Mr. Fields thinks that the Quakers in the community, who are known to be abolitionists, had something to do with the disappearance of his slave. He is especially angry because "that slave was worth four hundred dollars."

Perry, who is the same age as Truth, trumpets his opinion at recess, standing on a stump before a rapt crowd of fellow students. When he talks disparagingly about the Quakers, he points accusingly at Truth, Lydia, and Martha. Martha responds boldly, "Slavery's wicked. No man ought to own another man," to which Perry scoffs, "Pa says the law says different" (Chapter 4).

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