What did the people like to do usually on weekend? choises of answer showing right way of answering.

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Much of this question lies in how individuals perceive the weekend.  Some, as already noted, tend to relax and pursue leisure activities as it is time away from work.  Others might see it as an opportunity to devote time to other work activities, or time away from a primary job, so as to supplement income.  There might be individuals who see the weekend as an opportunity to spend extended time with family or children.  I think that individuals will have their own answer to this particular question and that is based primarily on their own condition and circumstance.

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In every community that I have lived in, I believe, most people were divided into two groups relative to what they did on the weekend.  One group stayed home with their family on Saturday evening, and went to church on Sunday morning.  The other group went to bars to drink and either dance or fight or talk on Saturday evening.  They stayed in bed on Sunday morning.  There were, of course, some who did neither, but went to a lake or to a forest or to an amusement park.

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