What did people do once they arrived in the middle colonies?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Of course, not everyone did the same thing.  However, the majority of people in the middle colonies became small farmers.  This is as opposed to the more Southern colonies in which many people ended up working for plantation owners.  In the middle colonies, most people were working their own small farms.  (This was somewhat less true in New York, which had large estates with tenant farmers in many places.)  Some people ended up working in jobs having to do with trading.  They traded furs bought from the Indians or they traded the crops grown by the small farmers to people in the South or the Caribbean.


samjazael123 | Student

They did many things from


1) explore the land

2) conquer the land

3) build homes

4) meet new peoples

5) brought christianity to north america

6) get away from tyranny/ monarchy

7) created goverment

8) they scanned the landscape and made crops

9) they where glad to be free without care


their are more mystery's than answers pretty much.