What did Papa , Jesus and Sarayu each show Mack about himslelf in order to help him overcome his Great Sadnes?  Use specific examples and references from novel .

missrita415 | Student

This book is incredible! It has changed my life just as in "Mac's" life. Mackenzie had to go through a process of first learning to trust all of the characters presented in the Trinity. in chapter's 5, 6 and 7, each of the character's of the Trinity give details of their characteristics and traits. They each discussed attributes of humanity and the relationship that they have with each other. "Papa" spent time with Mac just so he could get to know her/Him. Then he got to know and trust Jesus by lying on the dock by the lake and walking on water. Mac and Sarayu spent time in the garden uprooting the things that were keeping him spiritually behind. In chapter 11, " Here Come Da Judge", Mac has to judge which of his children will go to hell as well as put God Himself on the stand for what Mac thinks is God's fault for what happened to Missy. The judge is Wisdom speaking for God. Mac goes through a pivotal moment as he is allowed to see Missy one more time, happy and safe on the otherside as well as his other children playing with her along with Jesus. This is the part where the Great Sadness is finally lifted and Mac see's his relationship with Papa, Jesus and Sarayu changing for the better. He has a better understanding of how Nan can love the Father or " Papa" without any other conditions.

aleman243 | Student

Sap, Adult females are way too emotional. However if you actually read the book then you wouldn't have to ask this question so try reading it before you ask stupid questions.

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