What did Omar Cabezas do?  

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Omar Cabezas is a Nicaraguan author, formerly a guerilla in the revolutionary army of the Sandinista rebels.

He is the author of a famous memoir of his experiences as a revolutionary, Fire from the Mountain. The book details Cabezas's trajectory from a student radical protesting the regime of President Somoza to fighting against the dictatorship as a Sandinista guerilla. Despite its serious subject matter, Fire From the Mountain is suffused with Cabezas's trademark humor.

After the Sandinistas finally came to power, Cabezas became part of the new government. In due course, however, he would fall out with his comrades in the regime and be removed from all his official positions.

Since then, he has nonetheless remained a major public figure in Nicaragua, largely through his work as the country's Human Rights Ombudsman. To some, this is a major source of irony, as Nicaragua under the Sandinistas has a notoriously bad record for human rights protection.

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