The Duchess and the Jeweller by Virginia Woolf

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In The Duchess and The Jeweller, what did Oliver discover about the pearls?

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The Duchess and The Jeweller is a short story by Virginia Woolf . Oliver is certainly a gentleman who is something of a perfectionist with the "proper allowance" of everything he needs. He is a creature of habit and basks in his own successes. He suggests that he has proven his worth to his mother, presumably deceased, whose painting hangs on the wall, and now he is "the richest jeweler in England." The reader cannot help but sense the pretentiousness of Oliver and he is certainly an insincere character, "a sad man, a dissatisfied man, a man who seeks something that is hidden." His business is so successful that it is well-known universally and people even "envy" him but still his life lacks something. He recalls his childhood and how...

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