What did Odysseus do to inspire the God's wrath?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Odysseus' hubris, or pride, goes very far in angering the Greek Gods.  Poseidon seems to hold the most amount of contempt and anger towards Odysseus in retribution for the blinding of the sea god's son, Polyphemus.  In the final analysis, it is this betrayal of the Gods that set in motion the challenges which lay in front of him.  One can argue that the siding of Gods with and against mortals help to further inspire the Gods' wrath.  For example, each time Athena counsels Odysseus, who in turn would employ other people to help him, Poseidon becomes angrier and curses those who assist.  While Poseidon cannot curse another god, he certainly could pursue those who have offered assistance.  I think that the Gods' anger increases towards Odysseus for not only the transgressions he commits but how others offer assistance to him.