What did the North and the South think of Abraham Lincoln?  

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The North and the South had very different views of Abraham Lincoln. The South had very negative views of his political ideas. President Lincoln made it clear that he was against slavery. He clearly didn’t want it to spread beyond where it already existed. He did, however, say he would allow slavery to exist where it already existed if it would keep the country together. The South didn’t trust Abraham Lincoln. When he won the election of 1860, many southerners were convinced he was going to get rid of slavery. They viewed his ideas as a threat to the entire southern way of life. Abraham Lincoln didn’t win any southern states in the election of 1860. Seven southern states seceded from the Union immediately after Abraham Lincoln won the election. Eventually, four more southern states also left the Union.

The North was very supportive of Abraham Lincoln. More northerners were against slavery. Northerners definitely didn’t want slavery to spread. If slavery spread, this would give the South more power in Congress. Northerners believed Abraham Lincoln’s ideas about slavery, and especially about the spread of slavery, were very good ideas. He received a great deal of support from the North in the election of 1860.

Both regions had very different views about Abraham Lincoln because each region had different views about slavery and the spread of it.