What did Nick mean in chapter 8 of The Great Gatsby when he said, "Gatsby paid the price for living too long with a single dream," and "the holocaust was complete"?  

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Nick means that Gatsby has ultimately been brought to grief due to his stubborn attachment to his dream of one day being with Daisy. There was never a serious chance that Daisy would leave Tom for Gatsby, but Gatsby tenaciously held onto the dream that one day she would. But a dream is all it was. And had Gatsby not wasted so much of his life in pursuit of this dream, then he wouldn't have ended up dead the way he did, murdered by George Wilson because he mistakenly believed that Gatsby was driving the car that knocked down and killed his wife Myrtle.

In that sense, one could say that the ending of Gatsby's dream—which comes after Tom exposes his shady past—eventually leads to his death, after which Nick says that the "holocaust is complete". It isn't just the case that Gatsby's dream has died, which is bad enough, it's that he too dies not long after. In a funny kind of way, this makes perfect sense. Because Gatsby only really lived for the dream of being with Daisy; it was what motivated...

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