Frindle Questions and Answers
by Andrew Clements

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What did Nick do while Mrs. Chatam talked?

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Mrs. Chatham is the principal of Lincoln Elementary School. She visits the home of one of her students (the protagonist, Nick) who has been causing trouble in school. Nick has been encouraging all the students at the school to ask his teacher, Mrs. Granger, for a frindle, a word he has made up to replace the word, "pen." This seemingly trivial prank is part of a much bigger battle between Nick, the infamous "teacher-stopper," and his new nemesis, Mrs. Granger.

While Mrs. Chatham talks with Nick's parents, Nick watches the reactions of his parents, and tries to work out what they are thinking. He notices that his father is "listening carefully, nodding and frowning," and looking "embarrassed about the trouble" that his son is causing. His mother, however, simply looks "kind of annoyed."

When his mother tells Mrs. Chatham that the complaints about Nick's behavior "seem like a lot of fuss about something pretty silly," Nick inwardly cheers. This seems to signal a victory for him in his battle against Mrs. Granger.

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