What did Nic overdose on in Tweak?

Nic overdoses on GHB, or Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, an anesthetic that's commonly used as a date rape drug. As a result of his overdose, Nic ends up in an emergency room.

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Nic recounts the pretty sordid, unpleasant tale of how he wound up in the ER. Apparently, he was working as a male prostitute in New York when it happened. One day, a man names Brian picked him up in a gay bar, and the next thing Nic knows he's back at his own with a bunch of other guys, who are freely indulging their appetite for sex and drugs.

At some point in the proceedings, Nic notices a vial of GHB, or Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, on the bedside table. GHB is regularly used—or rather, abused—as a date rape drug. But Nic, who at this point in the story is drinking heavily, isn't thinking about that. He readily guzzles down three-quarters of the stuff in the hope that he will then be able to enter into the spirit of things.

Unfortunately, the GHB does not have the desired effect. Before long, Nic has blacked out, and the next thing he knows he's woken up in an emergency room with a tube down his throat, needles in his arms, and a catheter. As if this weren't enough, his ribs appear to have been broken by the administration of CPR.

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