What did Mrs. Whatsit say to Meg to comfort her about her father?  

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In the novel A Wrinkle in Time, Mrs. Whatsit tells Meg not to despair. She wouldn't have brought Meg, her brother, and Calvin through the travel in time if there was no hope of saving her father. At this point, they have already traveled to the planet Uriel so the children could get a glimpse of the Dark Side and understand evil.

Meg and Charles Wallace are considered odd by other children at school. They are extremely bright but have suffered since their father's disappearance over a year ago. Their mother has questioned the government about the whereabouts of their father but only gets answers such as "he's on a dangerous mission."

Previously, when others around town had learned of their father's disappearance, rumors of adulterous affairs were spread. Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Which, and Mrs. Who are committed to fighting the Dark Side—the evil forces that Meg's father is also battling. 

This novel has strong undertones of spirituality with battles between good and evil. Mrs. Whatsit also tells Meg she has faith that good will prevail in the end. 

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