Julie of the Wolves Questions and Answers
by Jean George

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What did Miyax want to do at Point Hope?

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According to the story, Miyax wants to get a job on the North Star, once she gets to Point Hope.

Basically, the North Star is a ship that brings supplies from the United States to cities in the Arctic in August. The ship travels to Point Hope in August because this is when the ice packs break up. Miyax hopes to get a job as a laundress or dishwasher on the North Star.

In this way, she believes that she can earn enough money to make her way to San Francisco, where Amy (her pen pal) lives. Miyax thinks that it will be wonderful to live in San Francisco, where the harbor never freezes. She also wants to see the Golden Gate Bridge. However, her main reason for going to Point Hope (and eventually to San Francisco) is to get away from Daniel, her husband.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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You can find the answer to this very early in the book -- pages 11 and 12 in one edition of the book.

At that point in the book, Miyax is trying to figure out how to deal with the wolves -- how to get them to help her.  She thinks about how she got to this point.

Her goal had been to walk to Point Hope. Once she got there, she intended to meet the ship that brought supplies up from the lower 48.  Her plan was to get on the ship and go to San Francisco.  She was going to go there and live with Amy, her pen pal.

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