What did Miss Neely have to give Leigh in Dear Mr. Henshaw?Miss Neely gave something to Leigh.

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Leigh is in sixth grade, Miss Neely, the school librarian, singles him out and gives him Mr. Henshaw's new book, telling him he could be the first to read it. She knows how much Leigh loves Mr. Henshaw's work, as he checks out his books from the library so often. The book which Miss Neeley gives to Leigh is entitled Beggar Bears. Leigh thinks it is a good book, and finishes it in two nights. Beggar Bears is about a mother bear and her twin cubs who live in Yellowstone Park. The mother bear dies when she is fed a cupcake in a plastic bag by a tourist, and her twins are endangered because, without their mother's guidance, they eat "all the wrong things and (haven't) stored up enough fat" for their hibernation. Fortunately, a ranger finds the bears and helps them adjust to life in the wild in the absence of their mother.

In reading the book, Leigh is at first disappointed that Beggar Bears is not funny like Mr. Henshaw's other books. As he goes through it, though, he realizes that a book does not have to be funny to be good. By taking the time to notice Leigh's reading preferences and giving him first dibs on Mr. Henshaw's new book, Miss Neely has contributed in a concrete way to the development of his reading tastes.