What did Mrs. Granger send Nick when he was in college?

Expert Answers
mrshh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Nick is a student in college, he finds a package on the doorstep of his apartment.  He opens it and discovers that it is from his former fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Granger.  Nick finds three things inside the package.  There is a dictionary, a handwritten note, and an envelope.  He first reads the note, which directs him to turn to a certain page in the dictionary, which is a new edition.  He finds a definition for the word he created, frindle, on the page.  Mrs. Granger explains that she will tell her future students about his word.  She also tells him that their battle is over so he can open the envelope.  Inside is a letter Mrs. Granger wrote to him ten years before.  Inside this letter, Mrs. Granger writes that much has changed since she started teaching.  She writes that words are important.  Predicting the future, she also writes that Nick's word is in the dictionary and expresses her feelings about the frindle battle.  This letter shows Nick that Mrs. Granger was not against him, as he had thought.