The Phantom Tollbooth Questions and Answers
by Norton Juster

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What did Milo tell Tock that he wanted to do if they ever got out of prison?

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When the Spelling Bee and Humbug have an altercation in the marketplace, scrambled words are lying everywhere. The policeman holds Milo and Tock responsible for a large number of infractions, including mincing words; boy and dog are sentenced to 6 million years—supposedly a short sentence—and taken off to the dungeon. Milo has not been a fan of spelling or definitions, but this experience teaches him that words can be important. He frets to Tock that time will pass slowly as they don’t even have any crayons, but he still thinks about what he will do if they ever get out. This experience has taught him how much trouble can result from mixing up words and the importance of spelling. If he is released, he says to the Watchdog, he will be sure to learn all about words.

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