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I think that Melinda values loyalty.  Part of what makes her become silent is that she cannot understand the level of disloyalty there is in the people around her.  The fact that the entire student body turns on her so quickly for calling the cops is one such example.  Melinda's friendships are also examples of how she values loyalty.  She is still loyal to Rachel, even though Rachel has moved on socially from Melinda.  Heather is waiting for the "next best thing," and Melinda notes this as a reflection of how much she values loyalty and how little she sees it in Heather.  In fact, Melinda's use of the predatory aspect of the high school setting reveals how little loyalty is evident and thus how much she values it.  Melinda values Ivy because of her loyalty to her and the role she plays in helping Melinda.  At the same time, this loyalty is evident in Mr. Freeman, representative in how Melinda only speaks to him at the end about what happened to her.  Melinda's valuing of loyalty is best seen when she recognizes that even though Rachel might not be loyal to her, her loyalty to the friendship they once shared is reason enough to compel her to tell Rachel about Andy.  In this act, one sees how much Melinda values loyalty.

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