What did Lorraine cook for John in The Pigman?

In The Pigman, Lorraine cooked some vermicelli, scrambled eggs, and TV dinners for John.

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In chapter 10, we learn that Mr. Pignati has a heart attack and must spend several days in the hospital. Both John and Lorraine masquerade as Mr. Pignati's children in order to see him during visiting hours.

During the visit, Mr. Pignati tells John and Lorraine that they can keep his house keys. Although Lorraine is nervous about doing so, John doesn't give her the opportunity to voice her concerns.

After their visit, the two head to Mr. Pignati's house and make themselves at home. Lorraine comes up with the idea of making spaghetti since Mr. Pignati has some sauce left in the refrigerator. The text tells us that the two also find three packages of number nine vermicelli in the kitchen.

Vermicelli is similar to spaghetti. It's said that vermicelli is slightly thicker than spaghetti in Italy, while the reverse is true in the United States.

Both Lorraine and John dress up for dinner. John put on one of Mr. Pignati's suits, while Lorraine wears a dress that once belonged to Conchetta (Mr. Pignati's deceased wife). Both are amazed at each other's changed appearance. They share a kiss, and it's the first time they become aware of their feelings for each other.

John and Lorraine continue to spend time in Mr. Pignati's home while he's in the hospital. During that time, Lorraine makes TV dinners, scrambled eggs, and toast for John. Later, the two decide to hold a party in Mr. Pignati's home.

The text tells us that Lorraine made hors d'oeuvres, mostly ricotta cheese on crackers, bamboo shoots on crackers, frog's legs on crackers, and killies (a type of fish) on crackers. She also serves some chocolate candy.

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