What did Lord Capulet say to Tybalt at the party in Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 5?

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When Lord Capulet hears Tybalt ordering his servant to fetch his rapier, he demands to know what his kinsman is so up in arms about.

Tybalt answers adamantly that he needs to send for his sword, because an enemy is present in their midst. When Lord Capulet looks out among his guests, he thinks he sees Romeo. He looks to Tybalt for confirmation that the young man is indeed Romeo. Tybalt answers in the affirmative; he's raring to go and fight off Romeo, but his uncle will not let him do it.

Lord Capulet insists that Romeo is a 'virtuous and well-governed youth' and he will not insult him for all the wealth in town. He orders Tybalt to ignore the young party-crasher and to put on a happier countenance if he has any respect for his wishes at all. Lord Capulet reiterates that a party is no place for frowns.

Tybalt answers that his behavior and expressions are fitting when 'such a villain is a guest.' He defiantly argues with Lord Capulet that he will not endure Romeo's presence gladly. Lord Capulet tells Tybalt that he will endure anything he is ordered to since he, and not Tybalt, is the man of the house. He warns Tybalt to stay quiet and to not stir up chaos at his party. Ominously, he warns Tybalt that he will make sure Tybalt stays quiet if he can't do it himself. Meanwhile, Tybalt is beside himself with anger and decides that he will leave the party. He exits in a spirit of discontentment and rage.

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