In Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, what did the Logan family eat for their Christmas dinner?

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The Logans enjoy a feast for Christmas dinner. Cassie remarks on the smell of chickens frying, bacon sizzling, and sausages being cooked. The family also makes sweet-potato pies, egg-custard pies, and butter pound cakes. Uncle Hammer, Mr. Morrison, and Stacy have killed a coon, which the family cooks with onions, garlic, and yams, and a sugar-cured ham is in the smokehouse waiting to be cooked. The family has decorated the fireplace mantle with winter holly, pine branches, and berries. In a pan on a wire rack in the fireplace, peanuts are roasting over the hickory fire. In addition, each of the children receives a sock full of store-bought licorice and oranges and bananas, as well as books. The day after Christmas, Mr. Jamison brings the Logans a fruit cake and a bag of lemon drops for each child.

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The Logan family had a feast for Christmas dinner, which they shared with the Averys.  "The meal lasted for two hours through firsts, seconds, and thirds, talk and laughter, and finally dessert".  Cassie actually reveals what they are going to eat a few pages before she tells about the meal itself when she describes the delicious smells that permeate the house the day before Christmas.  She lists "sweet-potato pies, egg-custard pies, and rich butter pound cakes...a gigantic coon...baked in a sea of onions, garlic, and fat orange-yellow yams...and a choice sugar-cured ham brought from the smokehouse" (Chapter 7).

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