by Leonid Andreyev

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What did Lazarus see and experience during the 3 days he was dead? Did these change his outlook upon coming back to life?

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According to the eleventh chapter of the book of John in the Bible, Lazarus became ill and died in the town of Bethany.  He was wrapped in the traditional burial cloths and entombed for four days before Jesus came to raise him from death.

There is no record that Lazarus discussed anything about his experiences during the time that he was dead.  For the people, at the tomb, it was enough to see him raised up back to life.  

As the gospel of John proceeds into the twelfth chapter, Jesus returns to Bethany.  He goes to the home of Lazarus, and his sisters Mary and Martha.  It is less than a week before the Passover.  The house is full of family and friends who are gathering for the event.  While there is mention of Jesus sitting and having supper with Lazarus, there is still no discussion of anything that he may have seen during the time that he was entombed.








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