What did Kit think about the town of Wethersfield on the day of her arrival?

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Kit's initial reaction to America is less than enthusiastic, to say the least. She'd expected so much of her new surroundings after having traveled all the way over from Barbados on such a long, arduous journey. But as she sets foot in Saybrook, Connecticut, she's hugely disappointed by what she sees. Everything just seems drab and uninspiring in comparison with back home, with its shimmering green and white shore and its sparkling turquoise bay.

So much for Saybrook. But what about Wethersfield? Unfortunately for Kit, it's not a whole lot better. Her heart sinks as soon as she catches sight of the narrow, sandy stretch of shoreline. Out of the mist, she starts to make out a row of unimpressive looking wooden structures that resemble nothing so much as warehouses. Beyond these rickety old buildings lie green, dense forests, which merely add to Kit's impression that this isn't really a town at all. Wethersfield is such a crushing disappointment to her.

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