In The Pearl, what did Kino do to the man?  

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In chapter five, Kino wakes up to witness Juana taking the pearl and heading towards the ocean to dispose of it forever. Aware that his wife is trying to get rid of the pearl, Kino sprints towards her and assaults Juana before she can throw the pearl into the ocean. After striking his wife, Kino is overwhelmed with a feeling of disgust and walks back towards his hut. On his way home, Kino is assaulted a third time in the brush but manages to fight off the attacker. During the struggle, Kino stabs and kills the man but ends up dropping the pearl during the fight. Juana recovers the pearl and revives Kino. Although she is relieved that Kino survived the attack, she realizes that he is a wanted man and will surely be arrested for the murder even though he acted in self-defense. Juana then hides the body in the brush and the couple seeks refuge in Juan Tomas's house after they discover that Kino's canoe is destroyed and their hut is ablaze.

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I think your question must refer to a very significant event in the story when Kino kills a man who attacks him. In Chapter V of the novel, Kino follows Juana to the beach where she tries to throw the pearl back into the ocean. After he attacks Juana and takes the pearl from her, Kino is attacked by strangers who come out of the darkness. When he hears them coming, he takes out his knife and stabs one of them. Apparently, the other runs away because after it is over, Juana finds only two men lying on the ground, Kino and "a stranger with dark shiny fluid leaking from his throat." The stranger is dead. This incident becomes very important in the story because Kino and Juana's life in their village is over. They have lost their home. They have to run for their lives

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