In The Watsons Go to Birmingham--1963, what did Kenny's mother do to help Kenny and Rufus make up after their fight?

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It is after Kenny laughs along with everyone else at a particularly childish and cruel joke that Larry Dunn makes about Rufus and Cody that Rufus stops talking with Kenny and playing with him. This makes Kenny incredibly sad, as Rufus was really the only friend he had. His mother notices and gives him some advice on how to patch up the relationship, but also, much more practically, the next day, she greets Rufus and Cody when they get off the school bus and walks home with them:

The next day after school when the bus pulled up at Rufus's stop Momma was standing there. When Rufus and Cody got off they said, "Hi, Mrs. Watson," and gave her their big smiles. The three of them walked toward Rufus's house. Momma put her hand on Rufus's head while they walked.

Kenny doesn't ask what they talked about, but he understands that she must have asked Rufus to come around to play, because he keeps his eye on the clock and is ready to apologise when Rufus knocks on the door.

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