What did Kennedy’s New Frontier program seek to do?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Kennedy's concept of the New Frontier was a way to capture the nation's attention in accepting his vision for his presidency.  It consisted of seeking to embrace initiatives that professed the greatness of America.  At least, this is how the Kennedy administration wanted it to be perceived.  With the goals of initiating and developing the space program and eliminating poverty, the New Frontier sought to cast the attention of Americans to both greatness in terms of vision and taking steps for said greatness in daily life.  Kennedy's New Vision wanted to capture the nation's attention with the concept of being able to believe in "can do" and marvel at the promises and possibilities of a particular generation.  With this philosophy, Kennedy was able to cast himself or be cast as a leader of a group that could literally transform the world, changing it from what is to what can be.  The New Frontier saw government as a force for good, as something that can make these hopes into a reality and in doing so, Kennedy was able to present a vision to voters that ended up gaining widespread affirmation and helped to solidify his idealistic Presidential legacy.