What did John's father give him when he was 10 years old?

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Readers can find the answer to this question near the very end of chapter nine. Chapter nine, narrated by John, is where the readers see John trying to figure out why exactly he is the way that he is. John then tells readers about a common experience of his when he was ten years old.

“Johnny wants a sip of beer,” Bore used to say in the old days. He got a big kick out of it when I was about ten years old, and I’d go around emptying all the beer glasses lying around the house.

John calls his father "Bore," and this is not the first time that John has shown readers that his father is a complete failure as a father. Apparently, Bore saw him finishing beer out of nearly empty cans and glasses. Instead of reprimanding John, his father thought it was hilarious. His father would even tell guests about it, and John would repeat the drinking. Everybody would...

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