What did Johnny tell Dally in the novel The Outsiders?  

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Johnny has numerous conversations with Dally throughout the novel The Outsiders. One of the more significant conversations takes place in Chapter 6 while the boys are eating Dairy Queen during Dally's visit. In the middle of eating, Johnny tells Dally,

"We're goin' back and turn ourselves in" (Hinton 74).

Ponyboy mentions that Dally is visibly upset and begins to curse underneath his breath. Johnny repeats what he said to Dally again and explains how he thinks he'll get off easy because of Cherry's testimony. Dally mentions that the Greasers "get it worse than anyone else," but Johnny insists on turning himself into the police. Dally mentions that Ponyboy's brothers miss him, and snaps at Johnny when Johnny asks if his parents were worried about him. Ponyboy comments that Johnny looks awfully hurt and silently stares at the dashboard on the ride home. Dally then asks him why he didn't turn himself in five days ago, and Johnny admits that he was scared. Dally then tells Johnny that he is genuinely worried about him because Johnny doesn't know what jail does to a person. Dally admits that he doesn't want to see Johnny become emotionally numb and hard like he did. This is a significant moment in the novel because it is the first time Dally verbally expresses concern for another person, and Ponyboy witnesses Dally's love for Johnny.

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