What did Jem put on the note to Boo Radley?

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price7781 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jem is so anxious to meet Boo Radley that he and Dill devise a plan to invite Boo out for ice cream.  Their plan is to hook a note onto a fishing pole and poke it through the window for Boo to find.  Asking Boo out for ice cream is just one of the things they cook up to see Boo Radley.  After playing “Boo Radley”, a game that makes up plays about events going on in the Radley house, Jem and Dill are even more obsessed with meeting Boo.  Not only do they try to sneak the ice cream invitation to Boo on the fishing pole, Jem also sneaks up onto the Radley porch to peek in the window.  It turns out badly for Jem, as he gets run off by Nathan Radley by a shotgun fired over his head and gets his pants caught on the Radley fence.  In order to escape, Jem takes off his pants and leaves his pants behind.

The children’s fascination with Boo is innocent and in good fun, and it’s humorous that they ask Boo out for ice cream since he is an adult.   Despite Atticus’ warning to leave Boo alone, the children continue to “haunt” Boo until Scout meets him at the end of the novel.

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