What did Jack do to make him seem the more popular leader?

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jack provides the boys with meat by hunting and killing pigs.  In chapter 4, Jack kills his first pig.  The boys tell about the adventure and what fun they had hunting and killing the pig.  Ralph, on the other hand, has been trying to get the boys to work, building huts and to tend to the fire so that they might get rescued.  Ralph sees the need for work and organization, Jack sees the need for meat and fun.  The boys, being young and immature, would rather have a good time than work, so Jack is more attractive to them than Ralph.  At the pig roast, the boys chant, sing, and dance around the fire.  The roast has brought out the unbridled savage in them. It gives them an exciting and fun sense of freedom.  This, too, makes Jack more attractive.  In chapter 8, Jack feels confident enough to call for another vote, and even though he loses the vote to Ralph again, he is victorious in that he separates himself from the rest of the group and establishes his own tribe of boys.  With this separate tribe, he continually lures more and more boys - most through temptation, but some like Samneric, through threat, to his tribe.

wwjd | Student

Jack, unlike Ralph, does not concern himself with jobs such as building shelters or keeping the fire going. He does not have strict rules. The hunts that he leads provide excitement and adventure for the boys. He also plays on the boys' fear of the beast. By saying "We'll kill it!!" Jack gives them a sense of security, control, and power.

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