What did Injun Joe and his partner have hidden in the haunted house in "Adventures of Tom Sawyer"?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Injun Joe and his companion use the haunted house as a hiding place for the money they have accumulated through criminal means.  They have "a bag that jingle(s) pleasantly" hidden behind "one of the rearward hearthstones" on the first floor, and have come to add a great deal more - "six hundred and fifty in silver" - to be hidden for safekeeping until they are ready to flee to Texas.  Ironically, while they are digging a hole to "bury it - and bury it deep", they discover even more money, the legendary and notorious Murrel gang's lost treasure that Tom and Huck have been seeking.  Injun Joe notices that someone else has recently been digging inside the haunted house with a pick, and decides that it is too risky to leave the money - their original "six hundred and fifty in silver" plus the "thousands of dollars" in gold in the ironbound treasure box they have found - in the dwelling.  He and his companion take the entire sum with them away from the haunted house to be hidden in Injun Joe's "den" (Chapter XXXVI).

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