October Sky

by Homer Hickam

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What did Homer learn about Daisy Mae's demise?

Expert Answers

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Homer's friend, Roy Lee, found out who it was who ran over Homer's cat, Daisy Mae. He meets Homer in the backyard one night to give him the information. Homer thinks it is Pooky, or his son, Calvin. Roy Lee tells him no, that neither one of them was actually the one that killed the cat, but that Pooky had put the person up to it. Not to worry, however, because Pooky already had been run out of town by Tag. Apparently, Pooky had tried to beat up his wife and his son, Calvin, intervened. The police were called and Pooky was told to leave town. Calvin and his mother were forced to move in with a widow lady until Calvin could graduate and enter the Army. Homer decides he does not want to know the name of the person that killed Daisy Mae because it would not bring her back and it didn't matter anymore now that she was dead.

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