What did Hezron think was Israel's greatest strength?    

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In Chapter 5, Daniel is invited to eat dinner with Hezron and his family. While they are eating, Daniel and Hezron discuss Israel's present circumstances under Roman occupation. Daniel voices his displeasure regarding Jewish people and their friendly relationships with Roman citizens, as well as Rome's efforts in building the new synagogue. Daniel's fiery rhetoric catches the attention of Hezron, who explains to Daniel that the Jewish people are well aware of their captivity and that they must be patient with God's judgment. Hezron then criticizes the Zealots for their shortsightedness and proceeds to tell Daniel that Israel has one great strength on their side, which is the Law. Hezron, a Pharisee, mentions that the Jewish people must be fully devoted to the Law and follow its instructions daily. He tells Daniel that the Law will endure much longer than the reign of any future Roman emperor.

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