What did Heidi like about her grandfather?

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The first encounter between Heidi and her grandfather does not begin auspiciously. He is a stern and forbidding figure, evidently unused to company and rather irritated at suddenly having to look after a little girl.

Heidi, however, is not intimidated by the old man. She likes his house and is delighted to be told she can sleep wherever she wants, quickly selecting the hayloft. Her grandfather helps her to make a bed, which is so comfortable that she wishes it were night-time already. They decide to eat first, however, and Heidi enjoys helping her grandfather to prepare a meal. When he finds that the stool he gives Heidi is too low for her, he quickly makes another for her to use:

Heidi stood and looked at it, speechless with astonishment.

"What do you think that is?" asked her grandfather.

"It's my stool, I know, because it is such a high one; and it was made all of a minute," said the child, still lost in wonder and admiration.

Heidi also loves her grandfather's goats, particularly the first two she meets: Little Swan and Little Bear.

At this initial meeting, Heidi's positive, cheerful personality is much in evidence. She likes her grandfather because she has a natural tendency to like people. However, it also becomes clear very quickly that, beneath his gruff exterior, the old man has a kind heart. Heidi recognizes this and enjoys helping him and working with him. She is also delighted by the new environment, by his skill as a craftsman, and, most of all, by the goats.

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