Papa's Parrot Questions and Answers
by Cynthia Rylant

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What did Harry learn from his mistakes in the short story "Papa's Parrot"?

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Harry learns that his father cares for him and misses him, and realizes that his father thinks of him and talks about him often. Harry's mistake was not visiting his father in the candy shop anymore. When Harry was young, he hung out in the candy shop with his father all the time. But as Harry grew older, he grew out of wanting to be with his dad in the shop, and he became embarrassed of his father, like most teenagers are. He was especially embarrassed about the way his father talked to his pet parrot all the time, but in reality this was sort of a double edged sword; meaning that because Harry no longer came in to the shop, Harry's dad talked more to the bird because he was lonely. When the parrot mimics what Harry's dad says often, "Where's Harry? Miss him," Harry realizes that his dad thinks about him often and loves him. Harry then makes the decision to spend more time with his father, and realizes that its stupid to be embarrassed of him. 

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