What did Gulliver enjoy while traveling?

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While traveling, Gulliver very much enjoys telling the other creatures that he meets about how wonderful Europe, and especially England, is. For example, in Brobdingnag, he tries to explain the British government to the king, although the king is quite unimpressed with Gulliver's explanations. Gulliver tries harder to awe him by explaining gunpowder, which can

not only Destroy whole Ranks of an Army at once; but batter the strongest Walls to the Ground; sink down Ships with a thousand Men in each, to the Bottom of the Sea; and when linked together by a Chain, would cut through Masts and Rigging; diving Hundreds of Bodies in the Middle, and lay all Waste before them.

Still trying to impress the king he views as ignorant and narrow because of his inexperience in the wider world, Gulliver offers to pass along the recipe for this miracle substance. The king, of course, is horrified, calling Gulliver an "impotent and groveling insect." Gulliver very much enjoys telling those he visits how wonderful England is, and he is quite shocked when the Brobdingnagian king fails to share his opinion.

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