What did the Guatemalan Mayans wear and eat?

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Because of the nature of Mayan society, what Mayans ate depended a great deal on what could be easily grown in a rainforest environment.  The principal food source of the Maya was maize, and as such its cultivation was an activity central to the Mayans.  While the Maya also subsisted on other forms of food, maize was the most important in that its cultivation formed much of the Mayan agricultural calendar.

In terms of their clothing, the Mayans employed similar forms of dress to the Aztecs and Incas.  Generally, the children were naked, and the men most often wore loincloths, though they would wear tunics, shirts, and/or cloaks when the weather turned cold.  Women would most often wear skirts with a piece of cloth to cover their breasts (though this was not always the case).  This is not to say that there was no sense of originality in what they wore.  Often areas would customize what they wore to varying degrees, usually with certain colors or designs.  The shape of the clothing did not change much from place to place.

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