What did Granny say about Grandaddy Cain when he killed the birds?  

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When Granddaddy Cain comes home from his hunting expedition, a near-dead chicken hawk slung over his shoulder, Granny doesn't actually say anything to him about it. She just stares ahead and mumbles. Mr. Cain wants to show his wife that he's managed to bag the chicken hawk at long last, but Granny has other things on her mind at this precise moment, such as the two trespassing filmmakers in her flower-bed. Even when Granddaddy Cain loudly nails the twitching hawk to the toolshed door, she's not really paying much attention. Instead, she calls on her husband to get those bothersome filmmakers out of her flower bed. He does so, but only after he's finished off another chicken hawk, who's swooped down to claim his mate.

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