In Freak the Mighty, what did Gram exactly say to Freak concerning not to be worried about his size?  

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Grim and Gram, Max's grandparents, constantly try to reinforce Max's confidence, giving him hugs and words of encouragement. They worry that Max is the spitting image of his imprisoned father, Killer Kane; but even worse, they worry that he is beginning to be "like him." After Kevin's mother, the Fair Gwen, "almost runs home" with her son after getting her first glimpse at Kevin, Gram tries to explain that it wasn't Max's size that scared her.

     "It wasn't you."

Although Gram never explains it to Max, Gwen is scared because of the close resemblance to his father. Later, Gram warns Max to run away from Tony D.

"... because you're so much bigger than he is..."

When Gram takes Max to buy shoes--size "thirteen triple E"--she tells him that

"... this is not major surgery, so... wipe that wounded look off your face and try to be polite."

Gram tells Max that he is "handsome" and reminds him that "you've got a brain of your own."