What did Godel discover ?

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Kurt Godel was a very important mathematician and logician in the 20th century.  Among his important contributions to the field of mathematics were two incompleteness theorems and one completeness theorem.  Godel was a natural-born Austrian who later fled Nazi controlled Germany for fear the Nazis would poison him.  He came to the United States, continued his work in mathematic, specifically in the area of logic.  Among his professional associates were the noteworthy Albert Einstein, author of the Theory of General Relativity.  It is said that Einstein, in his later years, valued his own work less, and attended the Institute for Advanced Mathematics just to "have the privelege of accompanying Godel on their walks to and from the Institute".  It is hard to imagine Einstein taking a back seat to anyone, but he evidently held Godel in high regard.  Godel died in 1978 from starving himself; he refused to eat anything that was not prepared by his wife.  Godel suffered from nervous dispositions for the better part of his life, which ultimately led to his death in 1978.

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I appreciated the answer, but what is meant by incompleteness and

completeness in mathematics, and how does this relate to human

existence?    Jerry

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