What did Franklin D. Roosevelt achieve?

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Franklin Roosevelt achieved many things.  He created Social Security..  He created the Civilian Conservation Corps to give young men a job on infrastructure projects.  He passed farm bills to pay farmers to not produce crops, thus creating price floors.  He worked around a reluctant Congress to get aid to Britain during WWII before America officially joined.  He integrated munitions factories in WWII; this was the first time that the federal government had integrated anything.  He kept a coalition of Britain, America, and the Soviet Union together long enough to defeat Germany and Japan.  He also managed to get elected four times, which was quite impressive since the New Deal was criticized by both the right and the left.  Roosevelt's greatest accomplishment was to give hope to the American people with his fireside chats.  Roosevelt was the steadying force in American government between 1933 and 1945 and kept America from going to the extreme right or left.  

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