What did Francis Marion achieve, and what other names and titles he was known besides "Swamp Fox"?

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Francis Marion was an American Revolutionary War hero who pioneered modern guerrilla warfare and is credited as a forefather to the United States Army Rangers.

As an officer in the Continental Army and South Carolina militia, Marion harassed the British General Charles Cornwallis and his much larger army. Marion used elements of guerrilla warfare--such as surprise attacks and early withdrawals--to hinder Cornwallis' advance and to strike fear into the hearts of British soldiers and American loyalists.

Colonel Banastre Tarleton was sent to capture or kill Marion, but the crafty commander used his vast knowledge of the local geography to evade the British. Frustrated that Marion often used swamp trails to remain concealed, Tarleton declared:

As for this damned old fox, the Devil himself could not catch him.

Thus he earned the nickname "Swamp Fox." To my knowledge, Marion did not have any other often-used nicknames. However, the Mel Gibson movie, The Patriot, was loosely-based on Marion's life. In that movie, the "Marion character" is named Benjamin Martin.

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