What did the Finches' house look like in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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The Finches live in a house that is on Maycomb's "main residential street," although the street is not named. It has four bedrroms--one each for Jem, Scout and Atticus, as well as a guest bedroom in which Aunt Alexandra eventually stays. There is a living room, dining room and kitchen with a swinging door. There are fireplaces in most of the rooms and bedrooms (since there was probably no heating and, certainly, no air conditioning). There is a front porch, where Atticus and Scout spend nearly every evening reading. The back door leads to the back yard, behind which is the deer pasture. The children have a treehouse, and there is a separate "car house" for the auto which Atticus rarely drives. There is a driveway wall, over which the children jump into Miss Rachel's yard to meet with Dill.


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