What did Elizabeth do that impressed Melanie and April so much in The Egypt Game?

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Although Melanie, and especially April, are a little resentful at first at having to share the secret of the Egypt Game with Elizabeth, who has just moved into the neighborhood, they quickly discover that the little fourth-grader is a delightful child and a welcome addition to the group.  For one thing, Elizabeth is quiet and unassuming, and completely appreciative of everything the older girls do.  Her "pretty tilted eyes (become) wide with wonder at almost anything (they tell) her", which is a great boost to their egos (Chapter 7), and she does "everything April and Melanie (do), only softer" (Chapter 15).  Not only that, but April and Melanie notice immediately that, in profile, Elizabeth looks exactly like the ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti - "Elizabeth's ponytial pull(s) her hair back away from her face and neck, and there (is) certainly something about her delicate, slender-necked profile that (is) very like the statue of Nefertiti" (Chapter 7).

In addition to looking the part and being a completely amiable playmate, Elizabeth is creative, and very "artistic with her hands".  It is she who delights everyone with the idea of costumes for the Egypt Game.  Elizabeth makes herself "a Nefertiti headdress out of a plastic bleach bottle with the top cut off", inspiring Melanie to get some old curtains from her mother to make "sheer flowing robes for everyone", and April to go around to all the ladies in the apartment asking for old junk jewelry which they can use to decorate their robes, or use "just as they (are)" (Chapter 8).


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