What did Eliezer care about after his father passed away?

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In Chapter 8, Eliezer and his father arrive Buchenwald. Throughout the chapter, Eliezer's father gets weaker each day until he is unable to move. Despite his father's declining physical condition, Eliezer remains loyal to him and continues to bring his father soup and coffee. Eliezer is even tempted to stop feeding and caring for his father when someone advises him to keep the food for himself, but Eliezer continues to look after his father. On the night of January 28, 1945, Eliezer's father dies and is taken away before daybreak. When Eliezer gets up on the morning of January 29, 1945, he knows that his father has died because his cot is empty. Eliezer mentions that there were no prayers said over his father's tomb or candles lit in his memory. After his father's death, Eliezer said that he did not weep and that nothing mattered to him anymore. Eliezer loses all hope and essentially becomes numb after his father's death. The traumatic experiences have left Eliezer emotionless.

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